• We’ll Treat You Like Family
  • Dedicated Nurses
  • Restore Your Health
  • In-Home Health Care
  • We’ll Treat You Like Family

  • Dedicated Nurses

  • Restore Your Health

  • In-Home Health Care

We'll Treat You Like Family

Gallagher Home Health Services is a family-owned and operated business built on the
family values instilled in us by our mother, Iva Gallagher.


Our Services

Gallagher Home Health Services is certified by Medicare and licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health to care for patients in their home in Allegheny County and contiguous counties including, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Washington and Westmoreland Counties.

  • Skilled Nursing

    Skilled Nursing

    Gallagher Home Health Services skilled nurses have over 300 years of collective health care experience. We use a…

  • Home Health Aids

    Home Health Aids

    Our home health aides must be credentialed and trained before they receive a care assignment.Our employee screening process…

  • Therapy Services

    Therapy Services

    A Physical Therapist helps restore a patient’s physical abilities following an accident or illness. After evaluation, the Physical…

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What Our Patients Say

  • Everyone has been super nice, on time, knowledgeable and helpful. Gallagher is just a fantastic agency all the way around. I am very comfortable with them alone with my Dad.


  • Excellent -- Katie I. (PT; Maggie C. (OT)--great but didn't need her -- she does that end well enough herself. All were great but Katie I. stands out the most -- she is excellent -- so much knowledge and experience. Gave her the best tip ever to get into car without moving steering wheel -- put seat all the way flat and get in!

    Margaret B.

  • These ladies are great....no, fantastic. Jennifer M (PT) Jennifer is the best PT ever. She feels she would not be where she is today without Jennifer. Cindy gave such wonderful ideas and answered all questions. Both are so knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. Always on time. She firmly believes in them. She used us before and asked for same.

    Anne W.

  • Great nurse. He could write a book on how great of a nurse Ron is. So business- like. Always prompt. Don't know where we found him, but he's fantastic.

    Clyde B.

  • Mary Ann -- Chelsea S. (ST) -- sweetest thing ever. they have a special needs child and Chelsea always goes out of her way to make him feel included...Daniel L (PT); Bill H (OT); Vickie N. (HH).....everyone is so special.

    Jerome P.

  • Wonderful. Very nice professional. Always on time.

    Susan W.

  • Oh my goodness. Leigh Lorenz (PT)...they are beautiful people and wonderful. Second time she used us and if need be she won't hesitate to use us again. She'd love to keep Jenn to herself. Highly recommends us.

    Yvonne D.

  • Excellent...couldn't ask for kinder or more polite people.

    Richard G.

  • Diane -- wonderful, sweet, attentive, kind, caring......everything a nurse should be plus more.

    Elizabeth K.

  • Can't thank us enough for having such a wonderful kind person such as Ron come to his house. Ron was able to calm patient and roommate down -- they were hysterical and Ron used his great thinking and ability to get them to relax and understand what was going on in such a wonderful way. Patient is truly amazed with Ron and his nursing abilities. He'd be lost without him. Down the road, if even needed services again, it would be Ron for sure.

    David J.