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Gallagher Home Health Services is a family-owned and operated business built on the family values instilled in us by our mother, Iva Gallagher.

She considered it her purpose to help people and treated everyone like family. Our staff are carefully selected for their professional expertise, integrity, and most important, their willingness to treat our patients like family; they are simply the best in the business.

“Care giving comes naturally to our family” says Mrs. Karcz, President and Administrator.

“Our Mom believed she was the best caregiver in the world and she may have been right. So when we decided to start our business, we wanted to hire the most talented nurses in the counties we serve and we wanted the memory of our Mom present in everything we did and every decision we made. She is the Gold Heart in the center of our Tree of Life logo and a reminder to take care of our patients like we would our family — every day, and with every visit.”

Our Philosophy

The Agency and our staff shall operate and furnish services in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations and disclosure and ownership information. To the best of our knowledge, based on our Quality Improvement Program and professional personnel practices, the services we provide comply with acceptable professional standards and principles.

This agency’s philosophy is guided by the following principles:
  • Home Health is designed to meet the unique needs of clients and families.
  • Services are tailored to assist individual and family to achieve optimal level of function.
  • Care is based on respect for the dignity and worth of each individual.
  • Services will be provided in the least restrictive setting.
  • Client / Family are active participants in the care planning process.

Our Mission

We, the management of Gallagher Home Health Services will deliver our care and services with uncompromising integrity, competency and professionalism, and will be recognized by our patients, physicians, Health Care Professionals, and the communities that we serve as the “Best Home Health Care Provide” in Southwestern Pennsylvania. We are dedicated to promoting the physical and emotional well-being of our patients and all who come in contact with our agency. Because of this commitment, we strive to demonstrate our belief in the dignity and worth of each individual and respect our patient’s rights.

Visual Mission

Soon after the talented staff at Gallagher Home Health Services opens its doors, the word will begin to spread. Patients will tell their families about the excellent care that we provided, family members will tell their neighbors and the neighbors will call us and say, “You came highly recommended, can you help us?” “Certainly we can, just tell your Physician that you choose Gallagher Home Health Services!”

Gallagher Home Health Services will provide uncompromised care for our patients by following a set of values that will be embraced by all staff members, administration and officers. We believe that following these values will drive us towards our goals, objectives and accomplishing our mission to be recognized as the “Best Home Care Provider” in Southwestern Pennsylvania.



We must conduct business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism. We must make and meet our commitments and pay attention to the details that will leads to the highest patient satisfaction. Each employee is responsible for role modeling this value.

Quality & Excellence

Quality of care is paramount and non-negotiable. We will always strive to provide the highest standards of excellence to our patients and customers. We will take pride in our work, continuously learn, develop and improve.


Everyday, we must treat our patients with dignity, respect and understanding. From our front desk to our visiting nurses and other disciplines, we must be committed and consistent. Or empathy for our patients and their families and our staff will be expressed regularly in the way we deliver care, resolve problems and manage our business.

Great Place to Work

We will be open and direct, working as a team with respect and trust for each other. We will recognize and reward accomplishments and manage performance fairly and consistently. Gallagher Home Health Services will be an asset to our community and we will have fun!